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Series of the third war

Le 17 mai 2017, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

Series of the third war, the Wizards with 0 to 2 behind the big score back home Derrick Pouliot Jersey, this is they must win a ball Bryan Rust Jersey, and from the start of the game, the Wizards have maintained a big lead. In a round, the Celtics' Olli Nick made a cover for Little Thomas, concealed with an elbow and shoulder turned over the Wizards teenager Ubrey. The referee immediately blew up Olli Nick cover foul, but in his referee theory, Ubrey from the ground to get up, rushed to Ollenick, put him down to the ground, if not the referee stopped, Ubud may be To be hands-on. Such a move led to a second-class foul whistled, Ubud was directly expelled from the game, after the league was also suspended. The Spurs and Warriors' Series now have two major factors. Leonard did not get limping after the game Trevor Daley Jersey. If Leonard's ankle test results are good, at most, only the absence of the second war, then the Spurs have the opportunity to complete the reversal. Warriors side of the X factor is naturally Cole, his return is still undecided Steve Downie Jersey, and Brown coach does exist defects, it is difficult to fully play the potential of the Warriors. Cole's health is also about the fate of the Warriors West.

This has a series of the sixth game

Le 17 mai 2017, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

This has a series of the sixth game, with a big score 3 to 2 came to the Celtics in Washington, the team also with the January Wizards, the collective wear on black Kael Mouillierat Jersey. Although the Green Army array did not like Wall as outspoken, but this move has illustrated everything. Unfortunately, the green army from the "burial" Wizards Mike Condon Jersey, to achieve revenge, only a difference of Wall that a three-pointers. However, this also to the Wizards and the Celtics between the scores, adding a new footnote. The upcoming seventh war, certainly will not be the end of the Union Xinzuo enemy resentment, I am afraid will become a new starting point. The campaign up, Leonard and Gasol have succeeded Matt Cullen Jersey, the Spurs start 5-0 lead. Curry hit the third, led the Warriors back a wave of 8 to 0. Green Biao in the third, Mills also cast, the Spurs followed by 16-12 lead, Durant scored a goal, the Warriors attack stalled, after which they only get a total of 2 points, the first section of the fight The Spurs lead by 30-16. Because Pachulia pad feet hurt Kewei - Leonard's ankle, Bobovic watched after the video furious, that Pachulia that defensive action is absolutely unnecessary, is dangerous and inappropriate, no sports morals The Popovich also enumerated some of the black history of Pachulia, that he is a former player, the things that may be deliberately exist. "What we do in defense is mainly dependent on who the opponent is." Like Leonard Trevor Daley Jersey, he is a good pitcher and I have to paste it. He was originally KD (Kevin Durant) People, but Durant was blocked by the block, I had to help teammates to defend, try to interfere with Leonard shooting from my point of view, this is a correct defense, I successfully interfere with each other shots.

When writing this push

Le 17 mai 2017, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

When writing this push, my heart has been sighing. Whenever there is such a thing, I see the reaction on the network Carl Hagelin Jersey, will sigh our country, really participate in sports, there are normal sports judge how many people. When you see this action, it should have nothing to do with everything - do not say which team you love, do not say Spurs and Warriors who can win the series, do not discuss if Leonard if not hurt the Warriors will not Will turn back, do not even consider who this action is made. You take these are taken to see the action itself, not people, on the matter, maybe you see more clearly. 31 years ago today, the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals in the third war 117-109 home defeat Los Angeles Lakers, the series big 2-1 lead. Rocket Goda Haji Kemu - Arakawangwang in 46 minutes 28 shots in 14 Derrick Pouliot Jersey, free throws 15 penalty 12, under the 40 points 12 rebounds and 3 assists 2 steals and 2 blocks. Lakers star "Magic" Johnson in 45 minutes 11 of 6 shots, empty cut 17 points and eight rebounds and 20 assists and three steals. That series, the regular season ranked second in the western rocket 4-1 beat the western boss Lakers, into the finals. Originally, the scene of each spray trash in the NBA often appear, this is the players and coaches often use the tricks. Claude Although they feel that Whitman scolded, but he finally led the team with a lore to take the victory, but also revenge Andrew Ebbett Jersey. That season, the two teams met again in almost two weeks, the conflict did not upgrade. And after the end of the season, Whitman also left Washington in get out of class Matt Cullen Jersey.

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